• Trust 2:26
  • Another Brick In The Wall (Final Mix)6:33
  • Until That Day 0:00
  • Road To Columbus0:00
  • Rama P. Jama5:02

Chicago based Dobro & Weissenborn Guitarist 

Swampy blues, church hymns, bluegrass & instrumental soundtrack music form the basis of Rob's approach to playing dobro & Weissenborn guitar. "I grew up in Chicago, which is hardly the epicenter of the bluegrass world, but is well known for the blues. Once I discovered the dobro and Weissenborn guitar I was hooked. The vocal quality of playing with a steel combined with the lack of teachers where I lived both inspired me and forced me to develop my own style and approach to the instrument." Shortly after switching from guitar to dobro & Weissenborn Rob was welcomed into the bluegrass/acoustic music scene in Chicago and has developed a solid reputation as one of the top players in the area. Rob is a frequent collaborator with players in a variety of musical genres and maintains an active schedule of gigs and studio projects in the Chicago area.