Why Data Loss Prevention is Important

Typically in cloud computing, potential insider threats in the form of social engineering loom behind every operation involving employees, partners, and the other enterprise stakeholders in the creation, manipulation, and sharing of data within the cloud. Besides, failure of adherence to the corporate policies in handling confidential data in email communication presents a business threat especially with the skyrocketing need for information sharing. The fundamentals of data security acknowledge that the confidentiality of business information is very paramount in the modern age. If data confidentiality is paramount in your business enterprise or your private information, consider sourcing for the appropriate data loss prevention tools to guarantee its safety against eavesdropping.

With the corporate network and sensitive data at a potential breach, the endpoint activities on the corporate network need to be monitored and controlled with filtersData-Loss Prevention Tools for data streams for a judicious movement which guarantees utmost data protection. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) chips in to ensure the security of sensitive data against loss, misuse, or access by unauthorized users.

DLP describes a set of technologies and systems which detect the potentiality of a data breach, damage, and the loss of proprietary information. Our systems operate by blocking the transmission of sensitive or proprietary data and further blocking the access to such information or any accidental or malicious activity by the end users.

Typical data leak solutions

Our data loss prevention system employs the following protections to ensure maximum protection for corporate, intellectual property, and confidential customer information.

In-use protection. Protection of corporate and customer sensitive data while in use by applications. To establish the identity of user requests, we employ a couple of user authentication techniques and data encryption mechanisms to rebuff users the access to plaintext data which may occasion the breach of data. With the DLP solution, your PC-based systems will be monitored for all actions against breach of confidentiality. Some typical services monitored include social media access, webmail, and USB.

Network-based data-loss prevention. Protection of confidential data when in transit on any network. We employ sufficiently hefty encryption tools and technologies to pacify the risk of malicious access.

Data Loss PreventionAt-rest protection. Includes protection of corporate data in a persistent storage medium. We use exemplary access control mechanisms to arrest the unauthorized access to confidential corporate data and information. Our access monitoring tools have proved exceptional in tracking and freezing any pernicious access to such information. This will ensure utmost security for your file servers and databases.